Who Uses Saturday Church Services?

Saturday church services are somewhat of a black sheep among church services in today’s time. This is for many reasons that are quite numerous – some tie back to religious beliefs, while others are related to convenience. However, there are a few instances and groups that choose to use Saturday church services rather than the typical Sunday/Wednesday night services, and they do this for many reasons too. The instances and groups this applies to include the Seventh-Day Adventists, business meetings, and some other denominations.

Seventh-Day Adventists

The Seventh-Day Adventists are a Christian denomination that is known for worshipping on the seventh day, i.e. Saturday, of each week. This is due to the passage in Genesis of the Bible that states that on the seventh day, God rested from his creations – interpreted by them to mean Saturday instead of Sunday. Therefore, they choose to hold services on Saturday in order to honor that.

Business Meetings

Some Christian denominations in America use a particular Saturday of each month, or more, for special events and needed meetings that do not occur often or do not need to be so wholly religiously concentrated. For instance, many Baptist churches hold Saturday church services as a combination prayer meeting and business meeting, discussing costs and payments of preachers, church repairs, etc. – things that usual congregation members may not be as concerned with really.

Other Denominations

Though most Christian denominations in America choose to meet and worship on Sundays, many more modern-viewing denominations, particularly non-denominational churches, are choosing to have worship services on different days of the week. This is with the idea and hope that if services are held on different days like Saturdays, more people would be willing, able and even excited about going to church again. These few churches usually have meetings throughout the weekend on Saturday and Sunday rather than just on Sunday for that purpose. It has been found to be quite effective because in today’s society it is much harder for people to take every Sunday off work to fill their souls spiritually, so holding Saturday church services helps with this problem greatly.