Who Uses Saturday Church Services?

Saturday church services are somewhat of a black sheep among church services in today’s time. This is for many reasons that are quite numerous – some tie back to religious beliefs, while others are related to convenience. However, there are a few instances and groups that choose to use Saturday church services rather than the typical Sunday/Wednesday night services, and they do this for many reasons too. The instances and groups this applies to include the Seventh-Day Adventists, business meetings, and some other denominations.

It's Saturday Evening - Time to Go to Church

Sunday mornings may be a time for church, but for many busy families, the day is no longer off-limits to soccer games and work.

That's led some area churches to offer Saturday-evening worship. Long a staple in the Roman Catholic Church and common among many non-denominational churches, Saturday-evening services have been slower in coming to many mainline Protestant churches.

Epiphany United Methodist Church in Miami Township launched its 5 p.m. Saturday service Sept. 18, becoming one of the first Methodist churches in the area to do so.

Protestant church pews filling up as Saturday services gain popularity

By the time Danita Holmes got in the door, the church was jumping. The calypso beat bore into her soul. She bounced to her seat, tapped her silver and pink nails on her leg, clapped her hands, stomped her feet.

"If they play one more Holy Ghost song," she told friends, "I'm gonna jump up and run," a promise she delivered on the next time a tune rang out. Hers was a swift, sweat-stirring sprint around the sanctuary.

Holmes was one of 800 in attendance at Saturday Nights Live, a new 7 p.m. worship service at the mostly black Mount Ararat Baptist Church in East Liberty.

About Seventh-day Adventist Church Services

The seventh-day Adventist church is basically a modern church based on the original Adventist church. It is a Protestant (non-Catholic) church that is quite popular in certain places of America, though churches can be found all over. There are many things to know about the Seventh-Day Adventist church services, including what sets them apart from other Christian churches and their specific practices/beliefs that are closely associated to them. By understanding these you can have a better understanding of other church services.

What Sets Them Apart

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